ESI Enterprises Inc.

Celebrating 15 years of innovation: Just imagine what's next

Mark Barron, Chief Financial Officer, ESI Enterprises Inc.

My name is Mark Barron. I'm the Chief Financial Officer for ESI Enterprises. We are a wholesale distributor of consumer electronics.

I started using the CEO portal the day it was born. We had a huge need for it in our company. We move money very quickly, and merchandise needs to follow suit, so we are a heavy user of the CEO portal.

Prior to the CEO portal, we would have a truck loaded at a vendor's facility, and the vendor wouldn't release the truck until we sent the wire transfer to give him the money to move the merchandise. Then I would call the Wells Fargo people and say, "Move the money now," and they had to move it within 30 seconds, or else we would lose the deal.

The minute that I was able to send my own wires, it was a tremendous feeling of relief and freedom, because I no longer had to chase someone down to do the work for me. I could do the work myself.

Every service that the CEO has is critical to our business. We have to know exactly what's in our account, what hit our account, what's going out of our account, on a daily basis.

The CEO has really helped our business by enabling us to move things very quickly, also to be able to see what's happening with your bank account, whereas remember before, you had to wait for 30 days to get your bank statement? When the CEO came, you can see your daily banking transactions every day. You can see what hit your account, what hasn't hit your account.

The CEO portal service that I use the most is the wire transfer, because I'm sending maybe seven, eight to twelve wires a day, and to various vendors. The CEO portal has really enabled me to be able to handle much more volume.

I have designed systems and people around the CEO portal, so that they're dependent on the CEO portal to do their jobs on a daily basis.

The CEO portal has been a huge success for our company, because we now have access to all of our banking needs in one place.