How to use CEO Mobile® Deposit

Hi. My name is Kat Zagone, and I'm a CEO Mobile product manager at Wells Fargo. I'm going to show you how to make a deposit on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.1

Tap the CEO Mobile icon on your home screen to launch the CEO Mobile app. Key in your company ID, user ID and password, and then tap Sign On. After the app launches, select Mobile Deposit from your list of mobile services. Select an account, or use the filter to search by account name or number. If you're using our account location feature, you can select a location or use the filter to search by location name or number. Use the keypad to enter your check amount, and then tap Continue.

Use the Photo Tips screen to help you capture the best image of your check. Tap the X in the upper right-hand corner to exit, or opt out by checking Do Not Show Again.

For best results, make sure your check is free of folds and tears. Place the check on a nonreflective surface, then hold the camera directly over the check. Adjust the camera angle until the front of the check fits within the four guides, aligning the bottom left-hand guide on the screen. Then tap the camera icon to take a photo. On the next screen, you can choose Use or Retake the Photo.

Follow the same process for the back of the check, ensuring the endorsement is on the left side. Review your deposit details and check images. If you see an error, tap Edit to correct the details, including account, amount or location.

Slide the Email Confirmation button to Yes to receive a conformation of your deposit. Then tap Submit. If you selected Email Confirmation, you'll receive a mobile deposit confirmation in the app and by email. It will include a deposit confirmation number. Tap OK, and your deposit is complete.

1 Requires iOS version 5.1 or above or Android version 4.0 or above.


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