Dennis Uniform Manufacturing Co.

Customer interview

Liz York, Controller, Dennis Uniform Manufacturing Company

My name is Liz York, and I'm the Controller at Dennis Uniform. Dennis Uniform has been in business since the 1920s. We're one of the top uniform providers in the country. We're located in Portland, Oregon.

I started using the CEO portal in June of 2000. My staff uses the CEO portal most. They're using the Positive Pay every morning to make sure that nothing's slipping through the cracks.

Before we started using CEO portal, our branch managers were sending in monthly expense reports, and we started using the Commercial Card Expense Reporting to give us better control and visibility to what was actually being spent.

I think the Treasury Information Reporting is probably the most critical, because that's what gives us all the balances to help our cash management.

It's very easy to use. Everything's right there. It's just a click of a button.

We use Desktop Deposit® in the corporate office for all of our accounts receivable deposits, which saves time and money, because we do not have to send somebody out to the bank, and we have faster access to that cash.

The ACH payment process for us is becoming a huge part of our company. All of our payroll checks are done ACH now. That's probably freeing up my accounts payable person three to five hours a week and me, a couple hours a week just not having to sign all the payables checks or even payroll checks. I mean, payroll checks, in our busy season, can be upwards of 700 checks, and so to not have to sign all of those is a huge asset.

We have a great relationship with Wells Fargo, and so they're continually upgrading the system and making it better, more user friendly for us, andit makes our day to day job easier, so it's kind of a partnership.