CEO portal helps uniform manufacturer save time and cut expenses

Liz York can describe her experience using the Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) portal with one word: easy.

The CEO portal is easy to use, says York, who is the controller for Dennis Uniform Manufacturing. And for the last 15 years, the CEO portal has made day-to-day work easier at the company.

Dennis Uniform, based in Portland, Ore., is one of the industry's top retailers and manufacturers of parochial and private school uniforms. The company has used the CEO portal since it launched in 2000.

The company began using the CEO portal to gain better visibility into and more control over its accounts, York says. Initially, Dennis Uniform began using Treasury Information Reporting to view balances and track actions daily. York still uses the service every day to monitor the company's cash position.

Over the years, Dennis has used several CEO services to gain better control over its accounts. The company uses Commercial Card Expense Reporting to better monitor employee spending. The service is helping the company to reduce expenses and make month-end reporting easier, York says.

The CEO portal has also helped the company to identify and prevent check fraud. York has seen fraud attempts decline dramatically since Dennis Uniform began using CEO Image Positive Pay and ARP Register Maintenance.

"Before any of these services, you didn't catch [fraud] until you were reconciling your bank account at the end of the month," York says. "Now, I think it's been years [since] there was any kind of fraud on our accounts that was of significance."

Dennis Uniform employees use several other CEO services to make everyday business processes faster and simpler. The Payment Manager® service helps the company's accounts payable staff member save hours of time every week by automating the check writing process. The Desktop Deposit® service helps speed up cash flow and eliminate trips to the bank to deposit checks.

"Every day, there's money coming into the business, so it's being deposited on a daily basis rather than twice a week," York says. "If it's a half hour or hour to run to and from the bank every day, that's five hours a week that could be used doing something else."

Wells Fargo has continually enhanced the CEO portal, so it's easier to use than ever, York says. She likes that the recent CEO portal redesign allows her to search for services alphabetically so she can find information quickly.

"It's just a click of a button to get to the things you need," York says. "[Wells Fargo] is continually upgrading the system and making it better, more user-friendly for us, and it just makes our day-to-day job easier."