How to set up and use the CEO Mobile® One Time Code service

Hi. My name is Elena Finch, and I'm a CEO Mobile product manager at Wells Fargo. I'm here to show you how to set up and use the CEO Mobile One Time Code service on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

One Time Code is a valuable service for occasions when you're away from the office or do not have your RSA SecurID® token with you. The One Time Code service delivers a single-use code to your mobile device to use in place of your RSA SecurID token.

To use the One Time Code service, you must have an active RSA SecurID token with an established PIN and must be enrolled by your company administrator. First-time users will need to validate the One Time Code service on their mobile device before they can begin using it.

Begin by signing on to the CEO Mobile service or opening the CEO Mobile iPhone or Android app.1 From the CEO Mobile sign-on page, enter your CEO┬« company ID, user ID and password, and tap Sign On. Tap the Establish One Time Code link on the CEO Mobile landing page.

In order to complete the validation process, you need to have the mobile phone associated with the phone number available. The next screen will display the steps you need to follow to validate your phone. Tap Continue.

You'll now see the Enter RSA Passcode screen. Enter your RSA passcode, PIN plus token code, then tap Continue. Wells Fargo will send a text message that contains your One Time Code to the phone number you select. It may take a few moments to receive it.

To review the One Time Code, go to your text message inbox. Do not close your browser, or your CEO Mobile will end, and you will need to begin the validation process again.

Once you retrieve your One Time Code from the text message, enter your RSA SecurID PIN in the PIN field and the One Time Code in the One Time Code field. Tap Submit. The CEO Mobile home page will display a confirmation message stating your phone was successfully enrolled in the One Time Code service. Click OK. You're now able to request a One Time Code for CEO Mobile services that require a token, including Wire Transfer, Self Administration, and ACH Payments.

I'll now walk you through how to use the One Time Code service. The next time you sign on and access a CEO Mobile service that requires a token, you'll be returned to the Token Authentication screen. Tap the Send OTC button to have a One Time Code sent to your phone. In a few moments, you will receive a text message with your One Time Code. Enter your RSA SecurID token PIN in the PIN field and the One Time Code in the One Time Code field. Tap Continue.

After you have successfully logged in with your PIN and One Time Code, you'll see the home page of the CEO Mobile service you are accessing and are ready to review and approve transactions.

1 Requires iOS version 5.1 or above or Android version 4.0 or above.

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