Mobile card program management

Mobile card program management

At Urban Outfitters, Inc., the innovative specialty retailer behind Anthropologie, Free People, and other brands, the Wells Fargo CEO Mobile commercial card application supports a cadre of young buyers and designers traveling the world.

"We have unconventional situations happen all the time. We get declines because of the way we use our cards," says Anna DeMarco, Card Services Administrator of the company's 1,500 commercial cards. For example, the company's catalog producers often need to rent a home or a commercial property for a photo shoot. If the charge is classified as a lease or mortgage, which is restricted under Merchant Category Codes (MCCs), it triggers a decline.

DeMarco handles "99.9% of calls" on declined cards. "We've had situations where people were checking into hotels in India, and their cards were getting declined because of limits or holds," explains DeMarco. "It's vital that I'm able to change a spending limit or look at a decline reason 24 hours a day. Because I have my phone on me always, the cardholder doesn't have to wait until I'm back at my desk."

Issues can be resolved in two seconds

DeMarco uses the mobile app when speed is important. "If it's a heightened situation where you have people standing in line at an airline counter or a hotel desk half a world away, you want to be able to handle that situation as fast as possible. With the mobile app you're two seconds away from fixing whatever issue they have."

In addition to being fast, the app is convenient and efficient because key functionalities are simplified and streamlined for use on mobile devices. "It's very easy. You basically pull a card up, view a cardholder's account, look at the declines, and change the limit or MCC code."

The convenience of the mobile app also encourages cardholders to more actively manage their cards, notes DeMarco. With the mobile app, cardholders are more likely to check their card balances before embarking on a buying trip, so they get fewer declines.

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