Card management

Mobile banking offers a convenient, flexible way to manage your commercial card program. With the CEO Mobile service, administrators don't need to be in the office to resolve cardholder issues quickly.

Manage your commercial card program

Speaker: Anna DeMarco

Card Services Administrator, Urban Outfitters, Inc. — Philadelphia, PA

Urban Outfitters is a retail clothing line. We have a few different brands that are housed under the Urban Outfitters Inc. line. We are a very unique company in the way that we spend. No one transaction or cardholder is the same in our company. There's no template that we can use. Everybody is very different.

Making banking easier

I use the CEO Mobile app1 probably about a couple times a day, at least. There are key functions that are very critical that cannot wait until you're back at your desk Monday through Friday, nine to five, such as declines, or people being stranded at airports, or in hotels that they can't check out of. If you don't have the CEO Mobile app, your employees are suffering.

CEO Mobile as a BCP solution

There was a situation last year where we had a power outage for a couple of hours. It was very cool because I could still use the CEO Mobile app, and get through the stuff that I knew in my mind that I had to do.

Managing expenses on the go

Some of the benefits that our company has seen have been real time information, less declines, um, because they are able to proactively look at their balances, their available credit. They are also able to see MCC codes. They don't have to call a customer service agent, they don't have to email me. They can just look at that right away — as they're shopping, as they're going. It's just as easy as using their personal banking app.

Freedom and flexibility

The peace of mind of knowing that I have this tool is what is the biggest benefit for me. I can do it on my iPad, on my phone — and it was such a great help for me. They allow me to be a little bit more flexible. There's less need for me to have a lot of coverage when I'm not in the office. I can answer emails and calls after those nine to five, Monday through Friday hours.

Do more with CEO Mobile

The economy is the way that it is, people are working harder, people are working longer hours — and, really, the mobile app helps you work a little bit smarter. It's very helpful to know that you don't have to be chained to your desk.

1 Requires iOS version 6.1 or above or Android version 4.0 or above.

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Mobile card program management

Mobile card program management

The CEO Mobile app helps one commercial card program administrator resolve issues quickly for cardholders traveling around the world.

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