Business continuity

Mobile banking helps businesses stay productive during power outages, natural disasters and other disruptions, providing an alternative way to make payments, monitor accounts, and perform other critical tasks.

Save time and increase efficiency

Speaker: David A. Miller

Treasurer, Centerline Capital Group — New York, NY

Mobile banking, in the world we live in today, is an ultra-critical part of workflow for me, and I can imagine it would be for other companies, as well.

Centerline Capital Group is a commercial real estate financial services company originating multifamily loans and affordable housing. I am the treasurer of Centerline. I am responsible for managing all of our cash management relationships, all of our debt, our investments, and overall to make sure that the Centerline cash management system is operating effectively and efficiently.

I've been using mobile banking since I started at Centerline. When I started there, we were not using mobile banking. I implemented it.

Making banking easier

So generally in the morning I'll look at my balances, and also if I have any exceptions in my fraud filters. I get a first look at items that have been presented to us to review. It gives me an idea what I'm walking into when I get to the office.

Freedom and flexibility

The number one benefit of mobile banking: it allows me to not be tethered to my desk. When we have that ultra-critical wire that has to go out, as long as I have one other person sitting in my office to actually initiate that payment, I know I can get that payment out the door.


Probably the number one question I get when I'm talking about mobile banking with my peers in the industry is my feelings on security. In my own personal opinion, I feel that it's a very secure and safe environment, mostly because of the protections I have in place outside of mobile banking, such as my ACH fraud filters, my debit blocks on my accounts, positive pay and items like that.

CEO Mobile as a BCP solution

During Hurricane Sandy, our office is located in lower Manhattan and we had no power for a week, and I was also personally displaced from my home for about a week, and so we utilized mobile banking across all of our financial institutions as business continuity, and were able to continue executing day-to-day business without a hiccup.

An invaluable tool

I'm always pitching mobile banking to my peers. It's really a no-brainer to have. It's an invaluable part of my day-to-day operations, and there's no cost to use it.

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