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Goodbye, password. Hello, eyes.

Introducing CEO Mobile biometrics

You're unique, and so are your eyes.

The pattern of veins in your eyes is distinct from everyone else's, just like a thumbprint. This is your eyeprint — and no two are alike.

Think of your eyeprint as a security code that can't be forgotten or lost.

Using just your eyes, you can access your accounts without a password. It's fast, easy, and secure.

Introducing CEO Mobile biometrics.

By using your unique eyeprint to sign-on, you can eliminate the need for passwords and tokens.

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"It takes only seconds to sign on to CEO Mobile simply using your eyes. Let me show you how it works."

"Your eyeprint is unique — not even twins have the same eyeprint. And because biometric authentication solutions like Eyeprint use unique physical characteristics to identify you, they're difficult to spoof."

Biometric authentication sets a new standard for mobile security — and makes banking even easier.

Meet the new face of authentication: Yours.

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Signing on to CEO Mobile is now easier than ever – simply scan your eyes. With the CEO Mobile biometrics eyeprint feature, you no longer need a token or password when you use CEO Mobile. There's no cost to use it, and it only takes a few minutes to get started.


You no longer need a token and password when using CEO Mobile.


Sign on in just seconds with your eyes.1


Your unique physical characteristics are difficult to spoof.


You now have two ways to sign on to the CEO Mobile service.

1. Carrier message and data rates may apply.

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